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Training apparat

made in Ukraine

Impact Trainer SPEED-S3 PRO Series

A simulator for practicing strikes in martial arts, namely: in height and in the order of alternation of levels.

For beginner athletes, the simulator allows you to master simpler motor skills.

An experienced athlete can individually work out complex tasks in the right amount until he masters the necessary motor skill.

accuracy and speed of kicks

Number code

Trainer cylinders have velcro numbers.

Set your order of numbers - 6 seconds and the number code is ready.

You have 6 cylinders at your disposal - 6 target levels from head to waist.

Come up with your number code.

Hit right on target out of 6 possible options.

Feel for yourself how the simulator helps to improve the technique of striking.

The simulator is easy to carry


Universal mounting system

Choose any convenient place and you can always start the training process on your own.

Attaching the simulator to the Swedish wall at the height you need will take a couple of minutes, thanks to the steel body in combination with the increased strength of the structural elements.

We have also kept the traditional way of wall mounting.

Bag + Fasteners


You can train despite quarantine.

The simulator can be transported or carried in a bag comfortably for a long distance.

weight: 8 kilograms

dimensions: 972 x 400 x 130 mm

warranty period: 3 years

copy protected


Authors: Anatoly Pikul, Yuriy Yakymov and the «Yakym do» ™ team

The technical solutions implemented in the simulator are protected from copying by patent law both in Ukraine and abroad. Protection is provided by a valid patent and continuous product improvement.

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Impact Trainer SPEED-S3 PRO Series

We ship Trainers to over 225* countries and territories around the world.

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