About us


Yakym do

International Company «Yakym dо» - Ukrainian industrial concern, produces and sells sports shoes, clothing and inventory, equipment and other in the field of sports and recreation under the trademark Yakym do international company ™.

Our development is based on serious research and production solutions for the creation of clothing, footwear, equipment and other, applications and information technology products in the field of sports, recreation, andrelated fields.

The creation of a new one leads to the constant development of production facilities, test stands, laboratory, control and measuring devices.

Our business plan forms three strategic decisions that together solve the problems of consumers:

Accuracy –

this is our Team. Building a new solid foundation in our corporate culture. Talented people work in our organization with a passion for sports.

Speed -

We serve clients quickly.

Strength –

how we create. This is cooperation and innovation, exchange of experience. We open the doors of our brand every second, invite athletes, consumers and partners to create the future of sports and sports culture together.