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Anatoly Pikul

March 18, 2021

Video impact trainer Speed-S3 pro series



Good afternoon, we present to your attention a simulator for practicing kicks and punches.

  What is the advantage of this simulator?

 When practicing strikes with a coach with several athletes, a problem often arises, it's impossible to give two or three different athletes the same task.

 This simulator allows you to relieve the trainer's hands for individual work, that is, to give a trained athlete a more difficult task.
 The coach sets the work program based on the numbering, a certain digital code and a certain task with the far, near, left, right foot.

 A more experienced athlete can individually work out complex tasks in the right amount until he masters the necessary motor skill.

 For beginner athletes, this simulator allows you to master simpler motor skills, something that a coach cannot do while leading a group lesson.  If there are 10-12 people in a group and two beginners come, the coach cannot devote time to beginners and more experienced athletes at the same time.

 This simulator allows you to set individual tasks for less experienced athletes and allows you to form a simple motor skill, this motor skill is performed for the time necessary for mastering it and allows you to control the correctness of performance from time to time.

 We will now see the practical implementation in action.

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